• Haftom Gebregziabher, Ravindra Babu.B, Kassaye Tilahun Abera, Miskir Solomon Tsige



Artificial Intelligence, informatization, voice system, English listening and speaking.


Artificial intelligence wireless network technology represents the frontier of science and technology, and artificial intelligence products are constantly derived. A large number of intelligent systems have been applied in education and teaching, providing more students with a new learning mode in the information age. The emergence of the intelligent learning system breaks the traditional learning method in the classroom, allowing students to obtain learning resources anytime, anywhere, free from fixed time and fixed space. The intelligent phonetic learning system is a new learning tool aimed at cultivating the listening and speaking English abilities of primary and secondary school students. Listening and speaking teaching have always been weak links in English teaching in junior and senior high schools. How let students develop English listening and speaking skills, acquire rich phonetic resources, and create a more realistic language environment are the most troublesome problems for English teachers. At present, the application of an intelligent voice system in the nine-year compulsory education stage is almost a blank stage. This study aims to understand the present situation of English listening and speaking training for junior high school students, analyze the problems in the teaching of English, such as listening and speaking, and put forward new strategies for the combination with the convenience of the information age. With the advantage of the intelligent voice system, this paper proposes a strategy for cultivating the listening and speaking of English ability of junior high school students based on the intelligent voice system and uses the literature research method, questionnaire survey method, and quasi-experimental research method to explore the improvement strategy of listening and speaking of English ability based on artificial intelligence wireless network. validity of the study. The research results show that the experimental hypothesis of this study is correct in many aspects, and the listening and speaking English ability training strategy of junior high school students based on an intelligent voice system can improve the students' English listening and speaking ability.



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